Call for projects ADI/ILA 2023

The Context

The year 2023 will mark the 150th anniversary of the International Law Association. On this occasion, the International Law Association will dedicate its work to an international reflection on the construction of the law and international cooperation of tomorrow. The Association was founded in 1873. Its promoters, who were part of the so-called “peace through international law” movement created the Association to fulfill that goal. “Building tomorrow” is the motto chosen for this 150th anniversary.

In June 2023, at the invitation of the French Branch of the International Law Association, an international conference will be held in Paris. It is expected to welcome about 300 people from all over the world and will be broadcasted by live streaming. The conference will take place in the International House of the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris (CIUP), a place steeped in history, dedicated to youth, which welcomes students and researchers from around the world in a multicultural environment. (

To celebrate this anniversary, the Fondation Villa Seurat pour l’Art contemporain has decided to offer the CIUP a work of art that will help integrate visual art into the event.

The work will be unveiled on June 18, 2023. Afterwards, it will be permanently donated to the CIUP to be placed on one of the interior walls of the entrance to the Maison des étudiants de la Francophonie, which opened in January 2021, on the CIUP campus. The wall on which the work will be placed, is located high up (first floor level) on the left as one enters the house (east exposure). The wall is also visible from the first floor hallway through a glass window. (see the short videos here)

Conditions of participation
This call for projects is open to artists (or collectives), whatever their nationality, whatever their age, residing in France.

The theme treated by the work must take into consideration peace between peoples, diversity, universalism and humanist values.

The work will be 4.5 meters by 2 meters (landscape format). It may be in one piece or in several parts. It must use one or more mediums that allow it to be rolled for transport (if it is in one piece).

If the canvas is to be hung without a stretcher, in one piece, it must include:
(a) a Velcro strip sewn to the reverse side of the canvas (before being painted), upper part, along the entire length of the canvas (4 m 5) ;
(b) a strip of lead in a hem on the reverse side of the canvas, bottom side, for the entire length of the canvas.

The Foundation will award 12,000 (twelve thousand) euros to the artist for this work, payable in three parts: 4,000 euros at the beginning of the creation once the artist has been designated by the jury; 4,000 euros halfway through the process, on the basis of a progress report with photos of the work in preparation; and 4,000 euros after the work has been delivered to the CIUP.

In addition, the Foundation will pay for the transportation of the work from the place of creation in France to the CIUP and the costs of temporary and permanent installation of the work.

The artist will assign the patrimonial rights to the work jointly to the Fondation Villa Seurat pour l’Art contemporain and the CiuP.

Application file

Applications must be submitted online at the following address: No paper application will be accepted.

The application must include (please respect strictly the number of pages and the indications given for the file – any file that does not conform will not be examined)

  • A curriculum vitae (1 page)
  • A presentation of the general idea of the work to be created, including the materials used (1 page)
  • Sketches of the proposed work (3 pages maximum)
  • A portfolio of the artist’s most significant works (4 pages maximum)
  • The artist’s complete contact information and the url of the artist’s personal website.


The above-mentioned file must be sent to the Foundation no later than November 15, 2021 at 5:00 pm.

The result of the jury’s deliberation will be communicated on the Fondation Villa Seurat’s website by the end of February 2022 at the latest.

The work must be ready by March 1, 2023 at the latest and will be collected by the transporter chosen by the Foundation by May 2, 2023 at the latest.


The work will be selected by a jury independent of the Foundation and composed of five people:

  • an artist
  • a gallery owner or curator or member of an auction house
  • a collector
  • a member of a public museum institution
  • an outside personality (e.g. sociologist, philosopher, doctor, journalist)