Composition of the jury for its 2020 Call for Projects

Gundi Falk, Matters’s whispers, Chemigram, 2019, crédit photographique Erik Luntang.

The Fondation Villa Seurat pour l’Art contemporain is pleased to announce the composition of the jury for its 2020 Call for Projects.
Danielle CohenArt historian, is President of the not-for-profit association Isis expo, for which, since 2001, she has organised many exhibitions of combined ceramics and paintings. Since 2003, she devoted herself to the work of Gérard Altmann through many publications and exhibitions (Crécy la Chapelle City Hall, Montparnasse Museum (Du pigment Pebeo à l’œuvre de Gérard Altmann), Paris 5th arrondissement Town Hall, Bossuet Museum in Meaux (les Résonances de la peinture).


Gundi Falk, contemporary dancer, painter and sculptor, born in Austria, she lives and works in Brussels. Her artistic approach decompartmentalizes genres, is constantly open to new explorations and her work revolves around the themes of movement, permanent change, rhythm and space. For the last ten years she explores cameraless photography, using the so-called “chemigram” technic which she leads to novel horizons of her own.  


Thierry Forien is passionate about art and culture in all its forms. He is a collector of classical and contemporary art. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Palais de Tokyo and was President, for three years, of the Prix Découverte des Amis du Palais de Tokyo. He is a director of the Thalie Foundation in Brussels and of the association of the Friends of the Maison de Balzac. He chaired the jury of the 2018 edition of the contemporary drawing fair DDessin. For the past two years, he has been a member of the Galleries Selection Committee of Pareidolie drawing fair. He is also a member of the Franco-British Association Fluxus Art Projects, Artistic Committee.


Martin Kiefer, Art historian, Exhibition Coordinator at Le Louvre Museum. From 2014 to 2019, his function at Le Louvre was to organise contemporary art projects. He did so with exhibits of, notably, Claude Lévêque, Zengh Fanzi, JR, Eva Jospin, Kohei Nawa, Elias Crespin. He is also independent curator in France and abroad. The last exhibit he curated (in Kiev, Pinchuk Art Centre, 2019) was devoted to Boris Mikhaïlov’s work and the Photography School of Kharkiv. 


Valérie Maigné, Architect DPLG, Paris. She is a passionate when it comes to art, design and ceramics. She taught visual arts to young persons for many years. She is an elected member of Conseil national de l’Ordre des Architectes. For more than 20 years she devoted pro bono work for the Maison de l’Architecture in Poitiers. For her, travels are a source to meet new people and make new discoveries.