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La danse de l’Air by Emmanuelle Rigaud – Fleury Merogis Women’s Detention Centre

The Fondation Villa Seurat pour l’art contemporain, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, gives financial support to socially-engaged art projects with the aim of extending the possibilities for artistic creation to people in vulnerable situations. These individuals benefit from the transmission of artistic knowledge underlying the projects chosen by the Fondation, and make […]

Medellin (Colombia)

One of the Fondation Villa Seurat’s artist laureates for 2018-2019, Thilleli Rahmoun, initiated a project with children and teenagers studying at a school in La Cruz, Medellin (Columbia). In the video here you will notice the children’s and teachers’ enthusiasm, albeit the fact that the usual environment in which they live and learn did not […]


“Paysages” is the first, among the five projects that were selected by the Fondation Villa Seurat pour l’art contemporain, which came to fruition. “Paysages” gave migrant women an opportunity to speak about their country and culture via the ancestral technique of weaving. We, at Fondation Villa Seurat, believe that a successful migration into a host […]

The Villa Seurat Foundation recommends the new show of works by Lyndi Sales at Maria Lund Gallery in Paris, “Un jour j’ai trouvé un papillon arc-en-ciel”.

OPENING NIGHT: Saturday January 26th, 5pm-8pm   The exhibition’s title comes from a comment published on the forum of a virtual game, which goal is to reach Utopia – by the attribution of points for finding butterflies in desolated urban landscapes. If the insect is the symbol of metamorphosis, from hatching to blossoming beautifully, the […]