La Fondation Villa Seurat pour l’Art contemporain vous présente ses meilleurs vœux pour 2022

Artist’s Statement concerning Love is your light in action.

Love is an energetic vibration that is created in the heart center and is resonated out into time
and space. I’m interested in the light and shadow aspects of the human experience. We all posses
both shadow and light aspects of our archetypal characters that we resonate with. When we feel
love for a person, an animal, a plant or a higher source this simply is our light vibration traveling to
the object/being/entity that we love. The act of love that takes place causes a vibrational force that
ripples across time and space that is transferred, projected towards and ultimately strengthens
the connection to the things/beings/people we love.

Lyndi Sales, « Love is your light in action », 2021, 123 x 101,5 cm, ©Lyndi Sales & Galerie Maria Lund, encre sur vlieseline, acrylique sur papier et bambou (collage). Œuvre reproduite avec l’aimable autorisation de l’artiste et de la Galerie Maria Lund, Paris