‘Nature reasserts itself’

Considering the extraordinary circumstances created by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the precarious situations in which many artists find themselves simply in living from day to day, the Fondation Villa Seurat pour l’Art contemporain (a foundation under the aegis of the Fondation de France) has decided to launch a call for projects for 2020.

Every day we receive applications. However, many of them do not comply with the call’s requirements.

We would be grateful if you could read the entirety of the call and refrain from sending applications which do not comply strictly to the requirements of the call.

In addition, when you do send your application, please place all documents in one single pdf file.

By doing so you are helping us better manage the call.

Conditions of participation

The call for projects is aimed at artists working in the visual arts, irrespective of nationality or place of residence, and whatever the medium they use.

The Fondation will award five prizes of 2000 (two thousand) euros each, for works created specifically for this project on the theme ‘Nature reasserts itself’. 

The winning works will be exhibited from 2 – 14 November 2020 inclusive at the Espace Beaurepaire in Paris, on the occasion of the collective exhibition organised by ISIS EXPO (Danielle Cohen). The prizes will be awarded at a ceremony to be held during that period at the Espace Beaurepaire, on a date to be determined.

Artists are limited to one work each.


A jury of five persons, independent of the Fondation, constituted as follows, shall select the prizewinning works:

  • One artist
  • One gallery owner or curator or member of an auction house
  • One collector
  • One member of a public museum institution
  • One person outside the world of visual arts (for example a sociologist, philosopher, doctor or journalist)


Each artist shall submit one or more photos or a short video of the work being entered for the Fondation Villa Seurat prize no later than Monday 31 August 2020, 5pm (CET). Late entries will not be accepted.  

The results of the jury’s deliberation will be posted on the website of the Fondation Villa Seurat no later than 25 September 2020.

The works must be brought to the Espace Beaurepaire, Paris, on Monday 2 November 2020 during the day (the Fondation shall have no responsibility for the transport, insurance or delivery of the works or the costs thereof).

Unsold works must be removed no later than 2pm on Sunday 15 November (the Fondation shall have no responsibility for returning the works or the cost of doing so).


Submissions shall be made online only, to the following address: Submissions on paper will not be accepted.

The photo and/or video of each work must be accompanied by:

  • A short description of the work including the medium, dimensions and (in the case of ceramics and sculptures) weight, and a short artist’s statement
  • A short biography of the artist (not exceeding 1 page) 
  • Full contact details of the artist.

The jury reserves the right to ask to see the work itself before making its selection. The conditions for such viewing will be determined at the appropriate time.